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Such pain usually indicates weak links are being strengthened. There is in all likelihood nothing to worry about. A cramp most likely haha. Especially between scapula, since they brace for bench it's quite common to get pain there. Just work it out with some dynamic and active resistance stretching. Do pulls like DB row and get a good stretch and row it out. The pain will disappear on bench. 60% of max is good for the rows but do whatever. Sets to failure. 3x a week at least.
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Remember don’t rush a stretch, take your time and focus more on a pulling/lengthening sensation rather than pain.  If pain is a present only stretch to mild discomfort.

Daily stretching will deliver the greatest gains, but typically, you can expect lasting improvement in flexibility if you stretch at least two or three times a week.
Remember more is not always better so stretch with caution because it can be easy to also overdo it.

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