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For Breads and Cakes

When eggs are used in bread or cake recipes, they serve as leavening agents, helping foods rise and maintain a light and airy texture. Vegan foods that can help with this task are:

    Two teaspoons of baking powder and a half cup of soy yogurt
    Two ounces of Ener-G egg substitute
    One teaspoon of yeast in a quarter cup hot water

For Savory Dishes

When making a savory dish, people want their egg substitutes to taste like eggs. For example, if someone makes a casserole substituting applesauce instead of the eggs, it will taste fairly bad. Since this is the case, it's important to use substitutes as close in taste and texture to real eggs as possible. Some to consider are:

    One tablespoon of soy flour or arrowroot and two tablespoons of water
    A cube of traditional tofu and two tablespoons of vegetable oil
    Six ounces of margarine and a half cup of cold water

Tofu will work best in recipes that have eggs as the main ingredient, such as quiches. Ener-G egg substitute is also a good choice here.
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