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  • Maintain Consistent Content Quality. A handful of high-quality posts will make more of an impact on viewers than a flood of low-effort content.
  • Optimize Your Hashtag Usage. To maximize the visibility of your posts, you’re going to need to optimize the way you use hashtags.
  • Feature User-Generated Content. User-Generated Content is anything made by other users. It’s a mutually beneficial interaction where both parties get exposure with each other’s followers. Always remember to give proper credit in the captions where it’s due.
  • Hold Contests and Giveaways. A basic Instagram contest typically involves asking participants to follow your account, Like your post and leave a comment on your post in order to qualify.
  • Partner With Influencers. Working with the right influencers can send your follower numbers skyrocketing. However, you shouldn’t jump into a partnership with just anybody.
  • Use Instagram Stories. The best thing about Instagram Stories is that anybody could stumble upon your posts. Stories also tend to garner higher levels of engagement than regular Instagram posts. That means that each Story has the potential to bring in a lot of new followers.
  • Instagram Stories has a live video feature called Instagram Live. You can use it to make special announcements, reveal products, share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your operations, or capture events as they’re happening.Live video opens the door to countless creative opportunities that could reel in tons of new followers.
  • Promote Your Instagram On Different Social Networks. If you have followers on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you might have an established presence, then let them know about your Instagram. Be sure to include it on your website and blogs as well.
  • Keep An Eye On Trends.Following trends will also show you what kind of content is attracting the most attention on Instagram. You could use what you find in order to further develop your own visual style.
  • Advertise On Instagram. Instagram Ads are incredibly affordable, quick to set up, and Instagram does most of the hard work for you. You can depend on their advanced targeting capabilities to boost your visibility and get the right eyes on your content.
  • Buy Instagram Followers For Social Proof. Thankfully there are services like Instafamous .pro that will gladly supply you with exactly what you need. Engagement is another important factor to consider. Instafamous .pro can provide this for you as well. As your posts accumulate likes and views, they get elevated towards the top of people’s search results. In turn, this will also promote further follower growth.
  • Target Niche Communities. With niche groups, you’ll find that individuals are much more passionate about their interests. They tend to latch onto anybody who shares it with them. This translates to more engagement and brand loyalty on a platform like Instagram.
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1. If You Want to get more followers you need to spend more time on Instagram.

2. You Need to Post At-least 10 posts in day with Trending Hashtags.

3. Your Posts will be different than others and it should be very interesting.

4. You need to Follow 30 to 40 Followers in Day

5. Comment positively on other's post

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always provide the latest updates on your Instagram, whether it's an interesting photo or video that is being hit or is being talked about
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1. Post consistently. The more often you post, the more likes and followers you get.

2. Share creative videos, live videos, and stories. You can make your unique videos using a video editor like Joyoshare Media Cutter to post.

3. Use quality hashtags. The proper hashtags can expose your image to the targeted audience.

4. You can share user-generated content. A new survey shows a large percentage of followers growth generally results from embracing and sharing user-generated content.

5. Another way you can try is to collaborate with either partnership or sponsorship.

6. Time to post is also important. Try your best to post at your best time.
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To get more followers, Be active on Instagram and post attractive informatic content consistently, Share valuable information, stories & Respond to comments.
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