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X ray Scan Center in Kompally
Konnect Diagnostics provides a wide range of X-ray diagnoses for bone cancer, tumors, fractures, arthritis and many more detections with a team of expertise and provides accurate results.
X-ray, a common imaging technique that detects or views inside the body without having to make an incision. This can help to diagnose, monitor and treat many medical conditions.
Jul 2 by Konnect DIagnostics
MRI Scan in Kompally
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – a medical imaging technique that uses strong magnetic fields, radio waves to generate cross-sectional images of the organs of the body. Setting new standards in efficiency by using highly advanced  MRI equipment.
Jul 2 by Konnect DIagnostics
Konnect Diagnostics uses most advanced equipment’s for the diagnostic which includes MRI, CT scan, CBCT, Ultrasound, X-ray, Mammography and many more providing highly accurate results to the Physician.
With a thorough investigation, our aim is to help out patients get the best radiology and imaging services in and around Hyderabad. Our multiple branches offer various radiological services with pure efforts of our experienced radiologists.
Jul 2 by Konnect DIagnostics
Konnect Diagnostics provides Home Sample collection for various tests which is accessible to all the patients in and around.
Ensuring the safety of the people especially during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Konnect Diagnostics has made its mark to in Home Sample collection.
Jul 2 by Konnect DIagnostics
Konnect Diagnostics has a certified & qualified team of professionals consisting of various specializations – Radiologists, Pathologists, Doctors and Clinicians.
We are striving hard in providing outstanding quality services in all our branches to be a pioneer with all the latest technologies & advancements and also caliber technicians & professionals.
Jul 2 by Konnect DIagnostics