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Data science dug its roots deep in this digital world since 2010. Businessmen started to understand the use and importance of Data Science in their business. Data Science is the future of Artificial Intelligence. Traditionally, the data used to be in a structured format which could be understood by using simple Business Intelligence {BI} Tools. But gradually, the data has been changed into an Unstructured format. 

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The Data has been generated from various sources like Text files, Financial logs, Multimedia Forms, etc. Data Science Tools will enable the user to easily understand derive real meaning from the data. Collecting proper data and transforming it into rich analysis is the key point to every Data Science strategy. Data science tools can reduce the errors and duplications and ensures accuracy of data and preserve the integrity of the data.

There are many tools of Data Science. Some of them are below.


Apache Giraph

Apache Hadoop

Apache Storm






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