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is there any one know about interesting food science articles and also share amazing latest trends in food science and the science behind food.
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Today, the food industry is one of the spaces where there is more innovation. In addition to quantity, current innovation focuses on the balance between convenience, taste and health, which is especially true in the field of functional foods, which are those created to meet a specific need or provide a benefit in health terms. More and more people have to consume some food in the day while they are on the move or without access to a kitchen or even where to sit. For them, the industry develops products that are easy to carry and consume without further preparation. On the other hand, people with different medical conditions or lifestyles require reducing the consumption of some ingredients such as saturated fat, salt, and sugar. And there are those who may be intolerant to gluten, nuts and lactose among many others. In response, food producers offer smart replacements that do not force these people to sacrifice their enjoyment of food, their well-being, or their health. In the national market we have several products with intelligent designs that are at the forefront of the industry. Drinks with non-caloric sweeteners Drinks normally sweetened with sugar have evolved in the search for substitutes that will allow them to preserve their flavor and reduce calorie support by turning to the science of nature. Sucralose and stevia, as a plant native to some indigenous groups in Brazil and Paraguay, have become the most widely used substitutes for sugar. There are even sodas sweetened with stevia. Juices, nectars and beverages that increasingly contain fruit or natural extracts of tea, aloe and natural antioxidants are an alternative to refresh yourself. Custom milk Milk is a fundamental part of the Colombian diet. Not only the glass of milk with the favorite sweet is an almost irresistible taste, but it is a fundamental ingredient in hundreds of recipes.

Functional drinks There are drinks specially designed for those who practice sports. These provide the salts and minerals necessary for hydration and a mixture of carbohydrates and sugars to give enough energy for physical activity. "It is a hydrating drink and not an energy drink because it does not overstimulate," says Andrés Victoria, marketing manager for Pepsico beverages, "It is the perfect combination of ingredients that generates a better performance for the athlete."
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