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I don't know the answer so anyone can me to answer this question. So that I fill the form easily.
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If you are interested in getting in visa you re required to follow some steps of visa application which is the online process. The online process can easily provide you a visa.

If you are applying for a Turkey Visa then you need to fill some requirements which are as follows:

1- The latest photograph.

2-A  Valid passport.

3-Scanned copy of the First and last page of a passport.

4-Confirmed return ticket.

5-An id-proof of your residence.

6-If you are a salaried employee, the original copy of the leave letter from your employer.

7-Authorization letter from the applicant in case the application is submitted by a Travel Agent along with Photo ID or the travel agent.

8-Payment through your Debit/Credit card, etc.

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