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I am comparing different types of fabrics. Currently initiating with linen. Want to know qualities of linen.
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Below are some of the unique qualities of linen that make it a world-class fabric:

Linen is known to be one of the strongest natural fabrics. Most fabric manufacturers prefer linen due to the fact that it’s long-lasting than cotton and has great strength. In comparison to a cotton shirt that might wear off after a few seasons, linen forever holds it’s original sheen and colour. It doesn’t even lose its shape if washed thoroughly as well. Plus it’s softer and pleasant on the skin.

Since linen is made from natural fibers of the flax plant, it is completely environment friendly. Thus, it stands to be far more sustainable than cotton. Another great thing about linen is that it’s easily recyclable and biodegradable. Hence, zero waste at all.

Linen is also the most comfortable of all the fabrics. It is breathable, light in weight, good moisture-absorbent, and thermoregulating. The texture of the fabric is extremely soft, hence it also keeps your skin protected from any kind of rashes or allergies. The lose-fit of the fabric makes it very easy and breezy to style and works well for people of all ages.

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