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I want to know the difference between linen and cotton.
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Woven from the fibers of the flax plant, linen features a distinctive textured look and feel. Despite being thicker than cottonlinen is light and breathable thanks to the length and width of its fibers. Cotton, on the other hand, comes from the fibers of a cotton plant and is crisp and smooth

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Linen and cotton are both fabulous fabric choices when you want a soft-feeling material that makes you look charming as well. However, there are very subtle differences between the two that may make one more suitable than the other for you. Read on ahead and find out which fabric choice works best for you!

What is Linen? - Linen is nothing but a natural fabric that is extracted from flax plants. The finest linen comes from the flax fields of Europe due to the rich soil and optimal temperature. Linen fabrics are more absorbent and heavier than cotton. They are also about 30% stronger and are quite durable. The material may feel crisp at first, but with time and use, they turn soft and subtle to the touch.  If you are searching for a more breathable option than cotton for the summer, look no further than a linen shirt!

How is Cotton Different? - Cotton fibers are much fluffier in comparison, and of course, they are known to be versatile, soft, and comfortable. It is also known to be a very breathable fabric. Cotton can absorb about 25% of its weight when it comes to moisture. It can take longer to dry than linen, though. Cotton fabric clothing is easy to care for and is apt for everyday wardrobe choices.

We hope you are equipped with the knowledge to make the right fabric choice now!

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Linen will be more softer than cotton fabric
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